Project Realityとは、Battlefield2のMODより発展したリアル系FPSです。
Project Realityについて

10月 18, 2020, 12:57:47 am by [JP]Tsuru | Views: 112 | Comments: 3

10/24(Sat) Project Reality 日本コミュニティイベント 開催告知
20:30 集合開始
21:00 イベント第1ラウンド開始
22:40 イベント第2ラウンド開始(予定)

MAP提出の形式がわからない方は、PRMapSelector(作成:ltakeshiさん)またはPR Map Galleryご利用下さい。

イベントに参加する前に基本的なProject Realityの流れについてご確認ください。

2020年5月6日 WW2特別ルールの試行について

9月 27, 2020, 04:55:59 pm by tame | Views: 166 | Comments: 0

引用元:: Mats391;2206336

Today we are releasing the third big update for v1.6. This update brings further gameplay changes as well as new vehicles and two new maps. The biggest gameplay change are increase transport capabilities in lots of vehicles. With this update we are no longer bound to the 8 player per vehicle limit and put a lot more seats into vehicles.
Read more about the highlights of this patch here.

This update can now be downloaded through the PR Launcher. Enjoy!

Want to help us test changes and new content for future releases? Sign up as a tester today.

8月 29, 2020, 08:38:15 pm by list2 | Views: 267 | Comments: 0

8/29 Project Reality 日本コミュニティイベントは、
Bamyan : INS Stdを行う予定でしたが、トラブルによりLashkar Valley : INS InfとNuijamaa : AAS Stdを行う事となりました。
7月 20, 2020, 12:30:10 pm by tame | Views: 382 | Comments: 0

引用元:: Mats391;2204899

Today we are releasing the second update for v1.6. With it we bring you further gameplay improvements as well as some new assets for the Russian faction. This includes the 2B14-1 Podnos mortar and 9K135 Kornet ATGM deployables. Along with those new weapons we also introduce a brand new map to the BETA program by community mapper Rabbit called Masirah. A beautiful 4x4km map featuring a large peninsula, you can read the highlight on it here.

Included with the gameplay changes is the ability to see the supply points remaining in supply crates. Supply points were always used to determine if a crate is depleted or not. Now we provide this information to the player as well. We have updated the manual to give you more information on the cost of kits, rearming and others. Read it [URL=http://"https://w
5月 27, 2020, 10:10:33 pm by Nelnoskii | Views: 647 | Comments: 0

日本コミュニティイベントでは、イベント向けにアセット構成を変更したコミュニティパッチを適応していましたが、Project realityのバージョンが1.6になり、一部のmap、レイアウトのasset及びasset編成が更新されていました。


5月 19, 2020, 03:40:13 pm by tame | Views: 627 | Comments: 2

引用元:: Mineral;2203167
Today we are releasing the first update for v1.6. It includes many fixes and quality of life improvements as well as some more bigger changes. We recently released a highlight discussing some of these changes. You can read it here.
This update can now be downloaded through the PR Launcher. Enjoy!


PR:BF2 v1.6.1.3 チェンジログ(2020/06/02)

  • 不十分な物資が周囲に配置された状態で設置物を配置しようとする際の不具合を修正.
  • 25mm砲弾でガラスや段ボールを撃った場合にクラッシュする不具合を修正.[/l
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